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Kiosk system is an integration of a computer that runs the software, touch screen display for the input, and a kiosk enclosure to protect the system. It may also have a bill acceptor for transaction of cash, card reader where credit cards can be swiped, scanner and printer. Precisely, it is a high tech computer that can perform varied tasks quite easily and conveniently. With its touch screen monitor it provides various services to customers, employees and also general public without anyone’s help. Kiosk system is most popular for online ticketing, purchasing and security check. It can also have features to replicate the routine HR functions in an organization. Computer Kiosk Manufacturers

Style of kiosk system enclosure

You can place your kiosk system in different styles of enclosures. Kiosks, Inc. has different kinds of enclosures available - metal, wooden or plastic enclosures. These enclosures are also available in varied shapes and sizes and you can select as per your preferences and needs. Kiosk enclosures can be even specifically designed to give a unique look to it.

Available in various sizes

You can order your kiosk systems in different sizes, such as full size freestanding kiosks, PC size countertop kiosk and a hanging kiosk that is placed within your arm’s reach. Freestanding kiosks are mostly used for ATM’s, countertop kiosks for accepting payments and hanging kiosks for displaying of information and advertisement. Whatever is your need, we at Kiosks, Inc. can design a system exactly as per your requirement.

Option to place indoors or outdoors

Kiosk system is mostly placed indoors but you can even keep it outdoor, if your requirement demands it to be placed outdoors. Our kiosks for outdoor placements have special features to protect them from the changing weather conditions. The touch screen monitor can be adjusted for night use, and a temperature and weather control component can keep the system unaffected by the changing weather.

Options in Touch screen technology

Kiosks, Inc. offers a number of options for touch screen. The most common option is the resistive screen that is a quite affordable and durable. But the disadvantage attached with this is that it lacks clarity. A rather expensive option is Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch screens featuring high resolution but its drawback is that it is vulnerable to debris. Capacitive touch screen that can be activated by human touch is the best choice for kiosks that have high usage. An infrared display is a high end technology that is ideal for harsh and dusty environments but they are a little difficult to use in direct sunlight. We can design a screen as per your requirement and budget.

Choose the monitor

You can go for the most preferred monitor option, the LCD monitor, which is available in a budget price these days. The CRT monitors are generally not recommended, although they are very low cost. You can also go for plasma TV with its multiple features and sleek design, though it runs the risk of screen burn in.
At Kiosks, Inc., we will help you decide the best system design for your kiosk system needs. Our expert professionals will be eager to help you in the selection process.